Payday Loans without payroll: how does it work?


Is it really possible to request and obtain a payday loan without being the holder of a pay slip? On the credit market it is possible to present a request for a payday loan without a pay slip.

Usually, this type of loan is granted to finance very small amounts of money (less than € 5,000).

But be careful, requesting a payday loan without a pay slip does not mean that you should not have any guarantee.

Let’s find out in this guide how loans without pay checks work and which types can be evaluated.

Payday Loans without payroll: subjects that can request them

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Payday Loans without paychecks are a type of loan that can be requested by:

  • unemployed
  • self-employed
  • housewives / s
  • students
  • workers in black
  • entrepreneurs or freelancers who have just started their business.

Payday Loans without payroll: which types should you choose?

Loans without payroll: which types should you choose?

Each subject, belonging to one of the categories of instants mentioned above, can choose between different types of loans without payroll .

Let’s find out what they are.

# 1. Loans without payroll with the Single Model

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It is a type of loan that can only be requested by self- employed or self-employed workers : not having a pay slip, the creditor institution grants the loan based on the Unique Model of the last three years of work.

#2. Loans without pay slip with issuance of bills of exchange

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For bad payers , for protesters , for the unemployed and for housewives or for any other person without a payslip, it is possible to present the request to request the granting of a payday loan with bills of exchange.

The loan installments are paid by the financed through bills of exchange, a credit instrument of an executive nature which, in the event of non-fulfillment, gives the creditor the possibility of foreclosing the assets.

# 3. Loans without pay slip with guarantor

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A type of loan without payroll that is very widespread and required on the credit market is that with the figure of a guarantor or third guarantor, who undertakes to honor the loan installments, in the event that the loan does not pay.

If you want to receive information or a personalized quote for a payday loan request without a payslip, contact a Consultant.

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